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Friday, 28. November 2014 02:40 AM
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Elliot Pollard 
Tuesday, 21. October 2014 05:43 AM  Write a comment

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I love this tribute! And I love how you afifrm the value of these relationships. I just finished my dissertation on intergenerational discipling in the twenty-first century, since this topic is near and dear to me. It is dedicated to the Young Life leader who led me to Christ and discipled me and to Stan and Donna Leonard who continued discipling and mentoring me in preparation for a lifetime of ministry. I know the Leonards must also applaud you and Margaret for bearing much fruit as you train and model this natural relational type of discipling with others. My hope is that an army of Lenita's will rise up in response to your exhortations in the final paragraph of your thoughtful blog. God bless you, G. and M. !

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It's hard to believe Charlie wasn't here today to hear us sing and play. We sure did miss his phcisyal presence. We played in his memory and felt him with us. Charlie you will be missed, until we sing together again. The Pickers Grinners at South Knoxvi

Mandy - Amazing photo's-thank you for sharing I love the black & white<a href=""> ptruice</a> where you are both laughing, its perfect! Love the 2nd pic of you dancing too .both smiling again Can't wait for the big day! xoxoNovember 11, 2011 7:23 pm

Gary, this is overwhelming. Somehow I never cendisored that I mentored Margaret I just enjoyed being with that funny, original, dear kid. Granted, sometimes she needed someone to help, but hey so did I. I loved her then, still do, and that extends to you and the rest of the family. Thank you for this tribute, Gary Mayes. [url=]tutzmjtxl[/url] [link=]gawrrncfgqj[/link]

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I found this in an old conversation that I and Norris had onlnie. Well, older older, we see more people die, some yes, way too soon, but each of these deaths, each of these funerals, is nothing but a dress rehearsal for our own, where we'll be staring

Krista Orne - Love seeing all the <a href="">phtoos</a>, they have a tough job picking a favorite!! of course the one of Dave with his foot kicked up is a classic, and shows just how fun these two really are! Love you guys!!November 11, 2011 2:37 pm

We recently styead at Jake's Hideaway and loved it! Our two children each brought a friend and there was enough space and things to do so that we could enjoy each other's company to the fullest. Everything was clean and organized, especially the hot tub (a real favorite!). We will be back! [url=]fuqdnygal[/url] [link=]djomuljg[/link]

I don't know how original it is, but I've asked our <a href="">viehdgrapoer</a> to do mini-interviews with the guests, asking them for their favourite memories of us, or to wish us well. Guest books are boring and most people don't sign them and virtually no one looks at them again (can you even read what most people write?) so I thought this is a better way to preserve the good wishes of family members (particularly the elderly and those far away).

Mandy - Amazing photo's-thank you for sharing I love the black & white pricute where you are both laughing, its perfect! Love the 2nd pic of you dancing too .both smiling again Can't wait for the big day! xoxoNovember 11, 2011 7:23 pm [url=]qrpharzcqoh[/url] [link=]gveroikxr[/link]
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Dear Lynn and Ed:So sorry to hear about Uncle Charlie. Because of the stories Jimmy and Margie told me, and the time he came to visit us, felt I knew and loved him. Think of you and Jersey often, Love, LaVerne Murphy
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